Social Responsibility

Step Sport Center recognizes the importance it has in contributing to a healthy society and a sustainable environment. We have already designed a strategy to take some significant steps that would demonstrate our commitment to the CSR principles. We are continuing to provide the best facilities, services and programs for all of our members. Our aim is to motivate and assist people in achieving their goals. Referring to our Swim School statistics we have helped more than 5,000 children to learn the basics in swimming. Our club not only offers a great place to work, but also enables our members to form friendships and share experiences with each other.

Aid and Community

In the wider community, we encourage the development of relationships between our company and local organizations, associations and institutions. Mostly, taking our expertise to motivate and inspire schools, higher education institutions and other organizations participate in our activities. Each year, through different agreements, we have enabled access to more than 15,000 people in our Sport Center. Considering the high demand of people showing interest to participate in our Sport Center, the main focus of our company has become to provide people with sporting opportunities for participation at every level, from beginners to professional level. Despite the main focus of our cause, it is worth to mention that in the coming years we will also be focused to educate communities in the extensive benefits of physical activities. Furthermore, an important part of our community responsibility is our work with different charity organizations ~ both at national and local level. Our commitment to support the community is demonstrated by our donations and cooperation with the charity organizations. Finally, attracting hard to reach groups such as the disabled, ethnic or diverse backgrounds, poor children etc. are part of our CSR strategy. We have developed a program that specifically targets minority groups in order to increase opportunities for participation among people who belong to different ethnic backgrounds.

Green Ambition

We as a company are committed to become an environmentally aware community. The strategy of our Sport Center Company is not only related to profitability, but also to the long term sustainability of our company by creating a friendly environment to our customers. While the business is focused to encourage people to participate more on sports and wellbeing activities, we took many steps to improve the environmental performance of our company. Firstly, we have adapted solar energy, a technology based on conversion of sunlight into energy and is considered as environmentally clean source of energy. To take advantage of the sunlight today and reduce carbon emission we have installed 36 solar panels in our solar energy platform. Secondly, we have been financing models to bring energy-efficient equipment into the business and introduced a number of new technologies, such as aerated showerheads, which have reduced our water consumption by more than 25 % – achieving, in turn, less electricity and coal consumption. To conclude, due to the fact that the current level of energy efficiency in Kosovo is very low, we are trying to align our sustainability strategies with those of our key suppliers to provide mutual benefit, using only environmentally-friendly products for lighting, refurbishments etc.

Solar Energy Platform in Step Sport Center

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